Aix Scientifics®   Clinical Research Organisation

Aix Scientifics® is an independent Contract Research Organisation (CRO) consisting of an academic staff with long-term experience in clinical research for new pharmaceutical products and medical devices. Clinical trials are planned, conducted and evaluated based on scientific criteria, which are in accordance with the legal framework, national and international guidelines, and internal SOPs.

Aix Scientifics® was founded in 1996 in order to perform data capture in the scope of clinical studies by means of the Internet in a time and efforts saving manner. Since about 20 years almost all studies have been performed multi-lingually, based on Internet technique. Now, there are experiences all around the earth.

Aix Scientifics® will support you

  • to plan and design pre-clinical and clinical research
  • considering scientific, strategic, regulatory, and logistic aspects,
  • to perform data management in the most efficient and economic manner,
  • to design Case Report Forms (CRF) adapted to the clinical situation,
  • to find individual solutions to ensure data quality effectively,
  • to manage and evaluate the study data statistically,   and
  • based on all these, to write reports, publications and assessments.

Here you find our flyer 'People are so different'.

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