Aix Scientifics®   Clinical Research Organisation

Aix Scientifics® has
extensive experience in the field of clinical research

  • At present we are accompanying clinical studies all around the world
  • including patient numbers of two to four digits.
  • Usually these are prospective phase III pivotal studies;
  • others are phase IV studies or post-marketing surveillances,
  • retrospective studies, producer-independent studies or registries.
  • Clients are producers of drugs or medical devices as well as professional associations.
  • Most studies are international, multilingual and Internet-supported.

Products under investigation

  •   Pharmaceutical Products
  • Antibiotics
  • Immunotherapeutics
  • Wound therapeutics
  • Neuro-psychiatric medication
  • Contrast media
  •   Medical Devices
  • Ablation devices
  • Joint implants
  • Heart valves
  • Intracardiac pumps and VADs
  • Vessel prostheses and stents
  • Gels and meshes
  • VSD Occluder
  • Wound therapeutics
  • Cell separators
  •   Projekte :
  • Projects listed at ClinicalTrials.gov : Aix Scientifics .
    Pharmaceuticals in the aquatic environment endanger the water quality.
    The Dutch / German MEDUWA project addressed this problem and Aix Scientifics® participates with the NCT03050476 study.

  •   Publications based on study results :
  • List of publications


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